Photo of the Week Competition

POTW is a fun, friendly competition that Lincoln Camera Centre run every week. It is a great way to show off your hobby or talent and to appreciate good photos.  At 10.30am every Monday morning we announce the winner of the previous weeks entries and open the new week.

How to Enter

  1. Go to our FaceBook page, then click on Photo/Video, and upload your photo.
    1. Note: this must be done on a computer as photos do not load correctly from a Smartphone, iPhone, iPad etc.
  2. You must mention – POTW and the week’s date (eg “POTW 3/7/12 – 10/7/12
  3. Then give the pic a title…(eg “rain drops on flower”).
  4. Once you have titled it, click on POST and it will upload to our page.
  5. Now – the important part – share the photo on your own wall and ask your friends to visit the Lincoln Camera Centre Facebook page and “Like” your photo. People must “like” your entry on our Lincoln Camera Centre FB page for it to count. (Hopefully they will also LIKE our page.)
  6. You can upload your photo anytime, but to get the maximum time we suggest on the Monday after winner is announced would give you the best chance at having your photo seen (and liked) over the next 7 days. We do not accept entries after Sunday 5pm (these are best saved until Monday after 11am).

How Do We Decide the Winner?

Whoever gets the most likes by 10.30am Monday morning is the winner. The winner is awarded with a choice of either a 8×10 print of the winning photo or a $10 store credit which can be used to buy anything we have in stock. The winning photo is also proudly displayed as our COVER photo for the week on our FaceBook Page. It may also feature on our website.

We love that this has been a success and enjoy seeing people put up their best picture of the week. Everyone is welcome to put up a photo! For any further questions, please send us a message on Facebook, or email us and we will gladly help.

Good luck with your photos!

PS here’s the link to our Facebook page to enter!

Previous Photo of the Week Winners

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