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KodakExpress® Order Photos Online

You can send your photo files to us for printing using the form below.

Before you begin, here are some tips to make it easier!

  1. For best quality, use the ORIGINAL files from your camera; We can only accept JPEG files. Please do not send us RAW, PDF or TIFF.
  2. Instead of selecting each file separately, try compressing all of the photos into a zip file and then upload that one zip file (here’s how to do this using Windows or Mac);
  3. In the Message box, it is IMPORTANT that you please let us know what size prints you want for each photo and whether you would like Gloss or Matte paper.
  4. Please note: we require payment before your order is printed. You will be given a phone call requesting payment once your order is received. We have a minimum EFTPOS charge of $10.00. If your order does not reach the $10.00 EFTPOS limit, you will be charged $10.00. If collecting in store and order is below $10.00 please pay with cash.

Important: be aware that uploading many large images may use lots of your internet data allowance – be careful about using this form on a wireless or phone internet connection

Please use the tab button on your keyboard to go through the sections (as scrolling down with the mouse doesn’t work).

Important Note

If your image isn’t sized correctly, for size chosen to print, then there are TWO options:

FILL IN” where image will be CROPPED on two sides (loosing some of your image) to fit the entire photo.


FIT IN” where image is REDUCED, to fit entire image, but white boarders will appear on two sides.

If you don’t state “FILL IN” or “FIT IN“, in the Message section, then YOU AGREE to us printing your photos “FIT IN” and white boarders may appear on two sides.


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