ALOGIC Elements PRO USB-C to Lightning 1m Cable – Black


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Tough Outside. Tough Inside.

Built for Your Daily Charging Regime The Elements Pro features double-braided sleeving for ultra-resilience in the face of constant strains and pressures inevitable with cable handling. It also features strong insulation that fortifies its health, so you can charge with confidence.

Squeezes into Confined Spaces Although the Elements Pro’s exterior is extremely strong, the cable’s reinforced braiding ensures it’s highly flexible too. Tightly bundle the Elements Pro into your purse or bag pocket, and freely twist and maneuver it into your device and charger ports. The Elements Pro is also housed in an extremely robust and bendable connector shell that you can squeeze into the confined domestic and office spaces other cables can’t reach. With the Elements Pro in your hands, you have a cable that can absorb more than 30,000 bends.